Why Double Cleansing Will Change Your Nighttime Routine Forever?

Have you ever been one of those girls who went to bed with makeup on or did a quick wash and rinse in the sink and called it a night?  I have.  I also suffered from acne through high school and college.

Being on set in South Africa in the makeup chair every morning, I started to wonder why my face was breaking out so much!  My makeup artist suggested I start double cleansing at night to remove ALL my makeup.  Let’s just say it was a game changer!

Now, I am all about the double cleansing routine and honestly, it has changed my nighttime routine forever!  I love to use a wipe or cleanser with my hands first to remove any makeup or debris from the day.  Then I like to exfoliate.  I use my wash cloth with another pump of facial cleanser on most nights but an exfoliator would work great too!

The Cool Mom Co stopped by Honest Beauty headquarters for another Tuesday Trend to share what Honest Beauty products work best with double cleansing and how it’s done.

Watch out for the raccoon eyes at the end of the video (my mascara started running … lol)!

We hope this inspires you to give double cleansing a try!

Double Cleansing with Honest Beauty

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