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The holidays are always an exciting time of the year, especially with kids. They always look forward to the good food, tons of family, tried and true traditions and of course travel. Every year for thanksgiving we head to Birmingham, Alabama to spend the holiday with my hubby’s family. The girls love it because they get to hang out with their cousins, spend time with their grandparents and enjoy the south. Yet whenever we travel there are a few comforts of home we miss. So of course we were super excited to travel with Google Home this year.


Getting ready to fly anywhere is uber exhausting when packing for more than just myself. So packing for two girls can be crazy town. Google Home was so helpful figuring out weather in Birmingham, what to pack and of course if our flight was on time and how long it would take to get to the airport with traffic. Instead of finding my phone and managing an app, all I did was say “hey google”. So simple and easy to use…whew, can we say life saver!


After a long day of travel and some much needed rest, we woke up in Birmingham ready to spend time with the fam bam! First order of business was of course to start cooking. My in -laws had a ton of sweet potatoes ready to be cooked. We love roasted sweet potatoes at home but I didn’t have the recipe so we asked Google Home to look it up. Nice! Dice sweet potatoes, add coconut oil, cinnamon, nutmeg, a pinch of sea salt and vanilla extract, mix together and roast at 425 degrees.

While the kids played outside, my daughter ran back in to see if we could have a dance party outside. Normally I would have to find speakers for my phone and set it up. This time we just brought Google Home outside and asked it to play our fave kids station! Hello dance party done and done!


Google Home has been the perfect travel buddy for us! It allows those daunting tasks that we usually have to stop and figure out to be taken care of seamlessly. It allows me to be able to dance with my girls while cooking without stopping to turn up the speakers or set a timer. It enables me to check the weather for the day (no matter where we are in the world) without stepping away from them.


We’ve haven’t been in Birmingham that long and I’ve already caught my father-in-law using Google Home to play his jazz while he cooks and ask about the weather for his golf game! It is the holiday season, Google Home would make for a great gift as well. Hmmmm, I have a feeling he may really love it!

Also, as a bonus you can get 6 months of Free YouTube Red with every Google Home purchase, which makes it even more fun!

Thank you Google Home for sponsoring this post. As always all thoughts and opinions are expressly my own.

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