The Ultimate Mega Playdate

img_4088 I was compensated for attending this event sponsored by Nick Jr. and The thoughts and opinions below are my own. 

When I told Nimah, my 4 year old, that Nick Jr invited us to The Ultimate Mega Playdate with Shimmer and Shine and Blaze and the Monster Machine, her face lit up with excitement! She kept asking me if Shimmer and Shine would be there and when I answered maybe, she said how? They are pretend mommy. Was that a trick question? So instead of venturing off into that conversation I said you are right. By default, her younger sister (who had no idea what was happening) couldn’t wait either. Awwww, sisterly love! They really are cute when they want to be!


Fast forward to two little girls super excited, one mommy thankful that she didn’t have to magically construct an activity to keep her kids from boredom, and a dad who was happy to use his new camera with his girls for a couple of hours before getting back to football (it was Sunday after all). Thank you Nick Jr!



We made it to the event in one piece (they didn’t combust from excitement) and it was the cutest mega playdate ever! It was at the all new Peterson Automotive Museum (another reason the hubs was excited) which served as the perfect location for a super fun, kid-friendly afternoon! They bee-lined for the nearest toy they could find and I instantly found myself wishing all of our playdates could be like this. From food, toys, activities and friends, the girls had such a good time!



I love that Shimmer and Shine is based on twins Shimmer and Shine who are genies-in-training. They grant wishes for their best friend, Leah, which doesn’t always go according to plan, since they are still learning. When Shimmer, Shine and Leah work together they are able to solve the problems that arise and make things right.


I never had a sister growing up but raising girls can sometimes be a challenge. They have a “love and annoyed” kind of relationship (yes, I made that up). They love each other so much that they annoy each other super easily. Story lines like Shimmer and Shine are great to encourage them to work through the annoying times and focus on the love.

img_4098 Nyla was so worried Nimah was leaving her!

Needless to say, Shimmer and Shine have been all the rage in our house lately. The girls love to play dress up and will go into their closets (the little one knows how to open her drawers) and collect all of the dresses, tiaras, bows, and anything else super girly they can find. And since they are in love with the Wish Granting Shimmer Bracelets, they go around the house in full genie/princess costumes granting wishes for myself and the hubby. Anytime they are playing together and encouraging each other to explore and use their imaginations, I am head over heels in love! I mean, isn’t that what childhood is all about?

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