Style File: How to Wear Neutrals


Style File is back! Now that the long weekend is over and summer is sadly coming to an end, I thought I would sneak in one of my favorite styles with a Style File: How to Wear Neutrals.


I love a neural top or dress on sun kissed summer skin. I know what you are thinking, summer is almost over! Yes this is true, but the great thing about neutrals is that they work all year round. I used to have a camel wool trench that I loved to wear at the first sign of cold in New York. I have no idea where that coat is now. Don’t you hate when that happens?!


Also, the beauty in neutrals is that they pair easily with any color denim. Black denim can dress it up a notch, perfect for dinner. While white gives it an airy and clean feel, perfect for daytime or brunch.

I paired it with white denim here because I love whites all year long but white can easily be any fashion mama’s nightmare! My daughter smeared chocolate all over my butt the last time I wore them so wear your whites with caution…LOL!

Mama Tip: Now I make sure I have a pack of wet wipes in my purse when wearing white to constantly wipe my girls hands. Lesson learned!

How do you love to wear your neutrals?

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