Back to School 5 Minute Beauty Tips for Moms

I’m sharing my back to school 5 minute beauty tips for moms! Hence, the robe!

Summers are amazing, in part because they are definitely a lot more relaxed! You don’t stress over time as much, the kids somehow consume a little more sugar than usual, bedtimes become wavy lines and evening walks become the normal!

So when Back to School time arrives it comes as a little bit of a shock for everyone: kids and moms alike. Getting out of the door on time is important for you and your littles. Although it has happened one too many times to count, I hate when they are late. I feel like it throws them off and it sends me into a rushed state the remainder of the day.

Therefore I am sharing how I get ready in five minutes or less and out of the door when time is of the essence. Head on over to my Facebook videos to watch the rerun of our live EMxoMomTip for all the fun!

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