5 Bold Lip Colors

I have always loved a natural makeup look. It’s easy, fast and simple. It is definitely a go to for me. However, lately I have been loving a bold lip! It gives me a pop of color and brightens my face. It also makes me feel (and look) more awake after tired nights of little sleep! Here are my 5 Bold Lip Colors that I am loving right now. To see each color on my lips, head over to Facebook live and see it in action.

IMG_1659 (from top to bottom)
1.  Lancome Gloss In Love Glittermania 144
2.  YSL Golden Gloss
3.  Buxom Kir Royale
4.  Honest Beauty Truly Kissable Lip Crayon Sheer Rose Kiss
5.  Dior Addict Rose Luxury Pink Lust


What’s your fave bold lip colors right now?

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