3 Ways To Upgrade Your Guy’s Old T-Shirt

On Facebook live today for our #EMxoMomTip of the day, I shared my 3 ways to upgrade your guy’s old t-shirt. It is a super simple way to take your guy’s old t-shirts (or even current t-shirts) and make them super chic. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s cute so it totally works for me!
I took my guy’s old Hanes white t-shirt and added a few of my easy favorites! Here are my 3 upgrades:

1. Top Knot (or High Bun): no need for curling irons or tools.  Just whip the hair up and make a cute knot.  No need for perfection, messy buns are actually cute!


2. Bold Lip: a pop of color on the lips instantly brightens up my face!  It gives a simple white tee a pop of fun! I am in love with this color from Nars!


3. Statement Piece:  can be a fun, large necklace or even a large earring.  I paired the t-shirt with a spiked necklace from TopShop but I love this look with big gold hoops as well!


What’s your favorite way to wear a t-shirt?

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-EM xo

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