Ten Ways To Use Your Swaddle (and a Giveaway)



That’s right, Ten Ways To Use Your Swaddle! When I first became a mother, I never knew how important a swaddle would become to me. I mean, they really are just huge blankets for babies, right? Well, yes, but oh, they are so much more! If you are a new mom, thank me later and if you’ve been around this block once or twice read on for a few uses that may be new, also thank me later.

  1. Nursing Cover: since swaddles are so big, they are perfect for breastfeeding when out and about or even at home when guests are over.
  2. Burp Cloth: swaddles come in handy after a feeding and you don’t want to get spit up on your third t-shirt that day.
  3. Tummy Time Blanket: perfect for laying out and giving your little one a space to work on those tiny muscles.  Works great over carpet or a soft surface!
  4. Changing Table Cover: great to lay down over a changing table when changing diapers away from home.  This has been a lifesaver for me at friends’ homes or anywhere like shopping, restaurants or traveling.
  5. Stroller Cover:  when the little one falls asleep while you are out running errands and you desperately don’t want the sun (or some overly excited human) to wake them up!
  6. Swaddle: ha, you thought I was going to forget this one!  Of course, use it to swaddle your new babe.  That’s what they are meant for, unless they are like my girls and just did not like being swaddled!
  7. Photo Shoot Blanket: we live in a world of Instagram and camera phones.  So naturally you have to use it as a photo op!  Especially swaddles like these.
  8. Art in Kids Room: these swaddles are perfect over a crib or bed in baby or big girls’ room.  Since we live in California, I am so nervous about earth quakes and pictures falling off the walls.  This is a great art work alternative to framed art!
  9. Napping Blanket: as you can see in the pics, my little one loves to snuggle with her swaddle blanket.  Since they are so breathable and light weight, they are perfect nap time summer blankets when your babe gets a little older.
  10. A Wrap or Scarf: for you!  I would be lying if I told you I haven’t used one of my girls’ super soft swaddles to cover my shoulders with during a movie or as the evening got cooler near the beach!  Don’t worry if you forget your sweater next time, just grab your babes swaddle blanket!


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