Best Beauty Tip Ever

The Best Beauty Tip Ever is not only super simple but probably also a duh huh moment. If you’ve already watched my Facebook live today then you already know so I should probably just say it. Washing your face every night is the best beauty tip I’ve ever been given! It seems so super duper simple but so easy to forget. Even when I am dog tired I still make sure I wash my face before bed.

When I was shooting Blue Crush 2 in South Africa, I was in and out of the water often so the makeup had to be water resistant and often reapplied. By the end of my shoot day, my face was layered with makeup and I started to break out. It was uber frustrating! Then finally, the makeup artist told me to not only wash my face at night but wash it thoroughly. So now here is my four step process, especially on days when I’m on camera wearing makeup:

  1. Wash face with cleanser using hands.  I love Purpose face wash. Make sure to gently massage face with fingertips to loosen all of your makeup.
  2. Rinse with water.
  3. Wash face with cleanser using face cloth.  Wet your cloth, use a little cleanser, gently massage cloth over your face in small circular motions. This help exfoliate your skin and get any excess makeup off.
  4. Rinse with water.

Of course I use other products now and then for other reasons but this has been my favorite tried and true tip!  What’s your ultimate super simple beauty tip? And don’t forget to check me out daily at 10am PST for my #EMxoMomTip of the day over on Facebook live.

-EM xo

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