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If your mornings are anything like mine, then fifteen minutes to myself getting my face together is not an option. Make it more like five! I try to make myself presentable before drop offs in the am but it can be quite challenging with getting everyone dressed, breakfast, making lunches, etc.

I must admit, even after two kids and waking up before 7am for the last 4 years of my life, I am still NOT a morning person. Trust me, I need as many quick morning tips as I can get!

Recently, my agent asked me to send over a few quick polaroids before I walked out the door and it inspired me to share My 5 Quick Morning Beauty Picks that are guaranteed to work fast and help you get out of the door looking good!

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After washing and moisturizing my face, I pop in my contacts so I can actually see what I am doing. It gets messy if I miss that step.

Makeup Forever HD Concealer (Honey 355): When I am moving fast, I often skip my foundation and opt for a concealer instead. I dab my problem areas (under eyes, dark spots) and blend.

DiorShow Brow Styler (Universal Dark Brown): I love this pencil! It’s one of the few things that I must have in my makeup bag at ALL times. It’s super easy to use and glides on super smooth. I also find that it blends with my dark brows really well. I quickly fill in my brows and am on to the next.

Two Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar: Hands down one of the best combinations of eyeshadow colors for my skin tone ever! The colors are a mix of golds, browns, and pops of blue and coral. I tend to use the golds and browns all the time because it’s more of a natural look on my skin. I’ll highlight my brow bone, use a gold-ish color on my lid and define with a light brown in the crease. It’s my go to combo.

Honest Creme Blush (Truly Flirting): This has become one of my new favorites! It works well with my finger or a blush brush and creates a subtle hint of rosy cheeks. Tip: I also love using it as a tint on my lips. It creates a pinky hue and I layer with my favorite lip balm.

Buxom Lash Mascara: The final touch to add a pop to the eyes. I like the full brush which creates nice separation in my lashes and a fuller effect.

What are your quick morning tips? I would love to know!

-EM xo

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