Top 5 Early Morning Activities with Kids

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I remember the days when sleeping in on the weekends were normal. It was the norm to spend Friday nights hanging with friends or even binge watch a series on Netflix, wake up the next morning no earlier than 11am and go to brunch then stroll around the city leisurely chatting away the day.  Those days are clearly over!

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I am up usually by 6a every morning but have been known to be a little bit of a late owl. This year, I am desperately trying to change that habit and a few others. I am tired of feeling so groggy in the mornings and getting such a slow start to the day. My girls wake up refreshed and ready to go with energy for days! On the nights I do manage to make it to bed at a decent hour, I feel great! I definitely need more of those days!

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With so much energy, my girls get bored very quickly at home. Laughing quickly turns into bickering, boredom turns into hunger and simple questions turn into nagging toddlers. Therefore, early morning activities are the answer! It’s hard to get myself plus two more fed and out of the house before 7am on a Saturday but it’s worth it. The early morning energy expelled is so worth the nap/down time around 12noon!

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The only caveat is there aren’t a lot of places open around 7am on a Saturday. So here are my Top 5 Early Morning Kid Friendly Activities:

  1. Treat the Kids to Breakfast: during the week, breakfast can become a little mundane at our house, so it’s nice to treat ourselves to a fun breakfast when we can!  There are usually a couple of family friendly restaurants that open pretty early.  Order pancakes or french toast and enjoy!  Tip: bring crayons, coloring book or travel toy for the tiny ones who don’t love sitting at a table for too long.
  2. Take a Walk to Your Local Coffee House: in the morning, we enjoy taking a walk to our local coffee joint and getting chai tea lattes (juice for them) and pastries.  Then drinking and strolling back home to enjoy our treats!  If walking is too far, hop in the car to your local Starbucks and take the long drive home sightseeing in your town.  Sometimes it’s fun doing it a little different and the ride still gets the kiddos out of the house!
  3. Head to the Park: the great thing about parks is they usually open when the sun is up.  Grab a blanket, a few of their favorite books, a few snacks and head to the park to play.  After they’ve played and are ready for a break, set up the blanket and read a few books while they rest and snack.  It’s like a mini morning picnic!
  4. Take a Stroll Along the Beach: the beach is not only great for swimming and tanning but to also enjoy the serenity and peacefulness in those early morning hours.  No crowds to battle with, who cares if the kids are loud and be ready for lots of cool scenic pictures (can we say Instagram moment)!  Tip: bring sand toys galore!  My girls treat the beach as one huge sand box so sand castles are a must!
  5. Take a Hike:  if there are no beaches close by then there may be a hiking trail nearby.  Many times there are hiking trails attached to parks.  Enjoy an early morning hike and encourage your little ones to explore.  Point out what they see and I must admit, a good game of  “I Spy” never disappoints!Of course if getting out of the house seems too daunting that early and your little ones enjoy staying in being cozy then encourage them to join you in making breakfast, this site is amazing! You can also search “toddler morning activities” or “homemade play dough” on Pinterest and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Clearly a mom or two has been in our shoes! IMG_0201 2

    Are there any morning activities I missed that you love? Please share below. I would love to know.

    -EM xo

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