Dear Mama: To My Daughter, This is My Vow

Recently my daughter turned four and my heart wept! In continuing with my Dear Mama series, here is my love letter to my “big” girl. How do you handle your babies getting bigger? Share with me on Insta or in the comments below. -EM xo

Dear my sweet girl,

Today my heart is so full of love and gratitude. Today my mind feels enlightened and my love feels strengthened. Today more than normal, I smile at the little things and cherish each moment of happiness. Today you turn four and I am so thankful all the way down to my bones. Today, I realized that you won’t be my little girl forever. Today I saw little glimpses of you at sixteen. You as a vivacious, confident young woman and not my curious, energetic mini me. I may have dropped a tear this morning as I made your lunch and combed your baby curls to get you ready for pre-school.

You broke my barrier into motherhood. You were the light I never knew I needed. You were my first introduction into the true meaning of selfless, unconditional love. You unknowingly challenged me to be better, encouraged me to fight harder and at times annoyingly forced me to become a more patient human being. Your life has given me breath in so many ways. You have taught me the importance of self reflection and reminded me that how I see myself will influence how you see yourself. I am your first teacher, your first role model, your first love and I am so beyond aware and thankful for that gift. The thought of you influences every decision I make.

I never thought I would have a daughter first. I never thought I would have two daughters at that. I grew up around boys so girls kind of terrified me. Raising young girls to be street smart and book smart, strong in mind and body, beautiful on the inside and out, seemed beyond intimidating to me. Yet, the moment you were born as we made our first introduction face to face, I vowed to give you all of me.

Baby girl, I vow to show you the strength of womanhood. I vow to expose you to the power you innately possess within. I vow to endlessly encourage you to seek knowledge and empower your mind. I vow to remind you always that true beauty is measured from within. I vow to always remind you to love yourself first and lead by example. I vow to share with you all of the lessons I have learned but also allow you to make your own mistakes. I vow to be the place you can come to feel uplifted and protected. I vow to be there for you always, through it all.


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