The Best Tip for Introducing the Potty

Not too long after I had little N, I ran into a mom friend of mine who had recently just had her second baby as well. We swapped stories about our lack of sleep, breastfeeding tips and tricks and how the older kids were coping with a baby in the house. Those moments, when you can let loose with someone who you know is going through the exact same things as you, are priceless! You could have literally videotaped us for a MasterCard commercial with the tagline, “New baby talk with someone who actually gets it: Priceless”. I loved those commercials, do you remember them?

After all the baby talk we ended up on potty talk. She told me how her youngest was fully potty trained at 15 months. Of course my immediate thought was “dang, overachiever” but then she told me how she did it and I was amazed at how easy it sounded!

My experience with Big N wasn’t horrible but was definitely at her own pace. We let her pick out her own potty, she used it sometimes, we let her walk around in her diaper and without, she didn’t notice much or really care. Then we went on our BabyMoon while I was pregnant and she used the big girl potty the whole time. By the time we returned home, she was done with diapers. That whole process was stressful because we were enforcing when we thought the right time was but little did we know, it was entirely up to her.

Back to my mom friend and her awesome potty tip! She said she introduced the potty super early and just let fate take it’s course! That’s it. Her mom (Grandma’s are great) purchased a potty for her daughter when she was 12 months. She sat it in the bathroom and let the potty do the work. Her daughter became very curious so she would sit on it, explore it, use it. Three months later she was fully potty trained. She was able to go at her own pace and since it wasn’t expected of her anyway, no one was forcing her to learn. Genius, right?!

So when little N started going in the bathroom when her big sister was using it and becoming more curious, I pulled out the potty and soon after she started using it! She still is not fully potty trained but every evening before bath, she uses the potty and we all do a song and dance for her with high fives included. She loves it!

IMG_0234 2

After she started coming up to me indicating her diaper was full by saying either “pee pee” or “boo boo” then I knew it was time to step it up a notch.

We started using training pants on her instead of diapers. That way it is so much easier to pull them up and down to use the potty. Training pants were a great transition with Big N too because it removed the worry of accidents while she was learning. Another huge factor was both of my girls were so active by 12 months, making it super challenging to lay them down for a diaper change! They would wiggle and get up every time!

Bambo Nature’s training pants are so soft (I swear one of the softest diapers ever) and they have a tab in the back that allows you to roll up the training pant once it’s done. I haven’t seen any other training pant with that feature. It’s great because if the child does a number two, you have to tear the sides to get the training pant off and unlike diapers, there are no velcro sides to wrap it up so bam, that tab comes in super duper handy.

IMG_0236 2

I have introduced the potty but am still letting little N go at her own pace. I think being patient and allowing them to feel comfortable is the real trick. She is picking up the concept so I am very happy! Who knows, maybe we just need to take another vacation and voila!

I can’t wait to hear any helpful tips or tricks you have for potty training? What worked for your littles?

*Thanks to Bambo Nature for sponsoring this post!

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