I’ve Been Swamped This Week

First let me begin by apologizing! I have been so swamped this week with other responsibilities that I shamefully I have not been putting you first. Let me explain.

My oldest, who attends a Montessori based school, is finally in her summer program but has experienced a lot of changes lately. Many of her friends, who were a year older, have moved on to other schools and her teacher, that she adored, moved as well. Honestly this week probably has been more traumatic for me then her but all I keep thinking is if my baby girl will be okay with all of these adjustments. She has noticeably been a little sad after school but bounces back quickly when she gets home. She has mentioned missing her friends and this morning, whispered in my ear how much she missed her teacher. I almost shed a tear.

I hated change as a little girl. I liked my routine and was not interested in anyone interrupting that. But, of course, change always happens. It’s a part of life. I guess as a mother, you try to shield your child from as much heart break as possible and pray that you have equipped them with enough inner strength to get through anything.

We have been focusing on doing more activities, talking to her about how she is feeling and suggesting other ways to still have fun at school. Also her school has been amazing with implementing a ton of fun summer activities to keep the kids excited, which I can tell has helped a ton!

In addition, I have been working on some cool new projects that I am so excited to share soon! But they have been keeping me super busy!

All the while, juggling my youngest at home has proved to be a little more difficult as she gets older. As you know, my mom helps out a lot but the little one is SO super active now she is starting to wreck havoc in this place. Nothing seems to be off limits to her. I won’t elaborate on how my contacts ended up in the toilet after her sister used the bathroom (yes, it is exactly as disgusting as you think).

We are now taking the steps to start our youngest in the Montessori program too. She is one of those super social, easy going, fun and happy kids whose curiosity is through the roof. She is so accustomed to interacting with other kids so when her sister is at school, she gets kind of bummed. I’m a little nervous to start her before she is two but I love the school and am so confident she is going to thrive in that environment.

I just want to say thank you for continuing to support and follow along! I enjoy you and this community so much and am always eager to read all of your comments below as well as via Instagram. Also, I would love to know more of what you would love to see? I am beginning to plan for more upcoming posts and would love to cater more to your interests. Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram.

Enjoy your loooong weekend! I am so ready for it!

EM xo

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