Happy Father’s Day

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, what better way to celebrate than to ask my very own hubby, why he enjoys being a Dad?

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Read below and Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Dads out there!

What is it about being a Dad that gets me so excited? Well “just being a Dad”. I’ve always loved kids. I grew up in a large family which shaped me in so many ways. I learned early on how to work with different personalities and how to compromise, which I have learned is vital to being a good father (and husband). I always knew it would be the most important job I’d ever have to do on this earth. Besides Praising God, of course!

I admit, I used to lie to myself and tell myself that I was a patient person. But in reality, I had no idea what patience really was. My children have truly taught me patience. My mom used to always tell me “God is going to teach you patience” and funny thing, my wife tells me the same thing, LOL! It wasn’t until I had children could I fully comprehend what my mom meant.

My 4 year old is in a stage of testing me about everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. It’s something I am not used to since I consider myself a fairly confident guy. She unknowingly knocks my confidence down, a lot. Let’s just say she knows how to push my buttons, which makes me feel like she hates me. I know, poor Dad. But it really breaks my heart. The last thing I ever want is for her not to get along with me every single second of every single day. I am her rock and I always want her to know she can come to me. Especially before she hits the teenage years.

Being a Dad is constantly changing me and bringing me closer to the person I’ve always wanted to be. A more patient person. Children teach you so much about yourself and help you explore parts about yourself you didn’t even know existed. You have the power to shape a human being into being the best possible human being they can be, which is freaking amazing! Oh, I forgot the best part of being a Dad is always seeing the upside and looking forward to the long goal: they will drive me places when I’m old and can’t drive myself!

Happy Father’s Day!


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