Dear Mama: Child Care for Work At Home Moms, Yay or Nay?

The Dear Mama series continues as I share my thoughts on whether child care for stay at home moms is truly a necessity? Is child care for stay at home moms a yay or nay? Is it really that difficult to manage both? Can you work from home and successfully manage the care of your child?

Dear Mama,

This topic has been addressed, debated, brought up and maybe argued over time and time again in my household. My husband and I are both self employed so we do A LOT of work from home. If I am not shooting, auditioning or in meetings, you will most likely find me at home trying to carve out work time in between caring for our youngest. My oldest is in pre-kindergarten which gives us a few hours a day with only her little sister but I swear some days between work and mommy duties, I feel like I am in the house with twenty kids. Can there be a balance within your own home?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working from home. No need to drive to the office, my morning green tea in my favorite mug and the comfort of my space is priceless. Although, there are those moments when my youngest is done with playing with her blocks, has eaten her snacks and wants no one else but me. The fact that the clothes need folding, dinner needs to be prepped and beds made all creep into the back of my mind while I am ferociously trying to focus on work details. So I confess, on occasion, I envy the mom who is able to close the front door, leave her home life behind and find solace in her work space without the constant home life distractions. I know the grass is always greener but I wonder if it is easier to function more effectively without your children nearby?

The funny thing is I’ve met plenty of women who have a system and are amazing at both. Women who can flawlessly take care of their children and run successful businesses out of their kitchens! It is truly inspiring! I believe the trick to pulling it off is being extremely organized, disciplined and having a laser focus. All the things that are clearly not my strong points! My husband always tells me that when my daughters are around, I can’t focus on anything else. And true enough, it’s been like that since they were born. I get my best work done in the evenings after they are in bed.

So is child care for parents who work from home a necessity? The answer is you have to know your strengths. For me, the answer is yes. With a 16 month old who is walking, talking and always on the go, child care helps a ton.


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