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Yes, I know, it’s Wednesday. My daughter woke up this morning singing, “it’s humpday”! I was going to stop her and let her know it’s more of a hurdle than a happy place but to each their own. Who am I to put a damper on her joy? Even though I barely have my eyes open and I am craving a chai tea latte but I am trying to cut down on sugar. Sorry not your problem, I digress. Lol!
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In honor of her humpday happiness, I thought I would post my happy place from this past weekend. Tons of family time, hanging out, then we saw a pink wall and the rest is history!
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Loving our little Mommy and Minis moment!
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These shoes are so adorbs! They are our very first pair of Mommy and Mini Me shoes and super comfy! I live for a cute pair of flats and could rock these all day every day but I am so afraid of scuffing them! Check them out here and as a special treat, you can use ELIZABETH15 for 15% off the Spring shoes!

Here’s to hoping this weekend can live up to the last. It is Mother’s Day after all. Who knows, maybe we’ll find a purple wall!

What’s your happy place on this awesome humpday?

-EM xo

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