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IMG_6593 Before my girls were born I had no idea about diapering, clearly, why would I?  But after becoming pregnant with my first and after a ton of research, I was convinced that I was going to be a cloth diapering mama; after all, it was better for my baby without any of the harsh ingredients, dyes, perfumes, etc and it was so much better for the environment!  Needless to say, I tried it for a week and quickly realized it just wasn’t my thing.  So that’s when I discovered eco friendly, disposable, natural diapers and haven’t looked back!

favorite diapers

All the natural, eco friendly and disposable diapers on the market are fairly comparable to each other.  Most are free of dyes, chlorine, and fragrances but do they work? I’ve tried several different ones with two babies through different growing stages from birth to two years. Here are my favorite top 4 brands:

1. Honest
The Most Stylish. Super absorbent and great for day or night. Good for all ages. This is our all around go to diaper, cute and functional.

2. Bambo
The Softest. Nice absorbency and great for day or night. Good for all ages but especially when they start crawling or walking. So soft, they did not irritate as baby started moving around more.

3. Earth’s Best
The Thickest. Super absorbent and also great for day or night. Good for all ages but especially when they are infant to crawling. These diapers are so thick which is awesome for nighttime but can be bulky on little movers as they get more active.

4. Seventh Generation
The Most Recognizable. Absorbent, great for day and best for older babies not wetting as much through the night. These diapers are probably the thinest of the bunch which sounds like a bad thing but the opposite, it’s nice during the day with no bulky diaper butt and easy for little ones to move in.

What diapers do you love? Any amazing ones I missed? Let me know in the comments below.

wearing Honest diapers

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