Feeling Good: Inside and Out

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I still can’t believe it’s almost March. This year is going so fast, it’s unreal. My bestie and I have a yearly tradition. At the beginning of the year, we schedule an hour FaceTime (she lives in N.Y. and I’m in L.A.) to discuss all of our resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. From then on, we hold each other accountable by giving pep talks and reminders throughout the year. It’s a great way to feel like you are not in it alone!

Thinking long and hard, I realized there are so many things I want to improve this year. I want to expand my business, give back to my community, be more punctual, incorporate another language into our home, surround myself more with other like-minded people but most importantly, I want to GET MY SEXY BACK!

Now, I know it may sound kind of silly but it’s true. Granted “sexy” can mean a lot of different things to different people but sexy for me is feeling good from the inside out. I have always felt sexy in my own skin—well, maybe not always. Middle school was rough: I was very tall, lanky and skinny. In high school, things started to fall in place but I still felt very awkward. College is when the magic happened and it all started to click. I finally began to feel good in my own skin. Fast-forward to two kids later and I swear I find myself looking in the mirror, asking, “Where did my sexy go?” Not because I am embarrassed by how I look on the exterior but more by how I feel inside. As a working mom and wife, what they say really is true: I have taken a back seat to everyone else. I feel more tired than ever, truly exhausted at the end of the day, sleep-deprived with very little time for me. This year it’s time to change all that. I want to GET MY SEXY BACK and start to feel good from the inside out again!

I look at other super moms and I am in awe. How do they manage kids, a husband, a full time career and still manage to cook a meal each night? Who are these women? This year, it isn’t about comparing myself to other fellow mamas. It’s about finding what works for me. Click here to find my tips on achieving balance and getting my sexy back.

Check out the full article on Mom.me, here.

This post is produced in collaboration with Mom.me and CoverGirl. As always all thoughts expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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