Baby Girl Turns One

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We made it! Our baby girl turned one! It was a super exciting day filled with family and laughs but in all honestly, it must suck being baby number two! With our first, it was a HUGE deal for us! We had survived the first year of parenthood and couldn’t have been happier. We kept this little person alive and healthy and she actually still liked us! It was awesome!

Fast forward to baby number two, we almost felt like “been there done that”. For the longest we didn’t know how to celebrate. She seemed too young to have a play space party while tons of 4 year olds in a bouncy house at a 1 year olds party did not sound enticing either. It was crunch time when the hubby reminded me that we would also cherish the pictures of her first birthday too, which should be equally as special and exciting as our oldest. He was right, dammit! I love both of my girls to the moon and back and this was the time of year to make her day about her!

So we invited over family and had pizza, donuts, balloons and music. We didn’t spend a lot of money or plan anything extravagant and she still had the best day ever (and so did we)! Sometimes, it doesn’t take a lot, it just takes love.

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