Cheese and Mushroom Quiche

Holiday leftovers at our house always go pretty quick but I notice that I always have a lot of leftover cheese or random veggies. So this year I made Cheese and Mushroom Quiche. I’ve never made a quiche before and was pleasantly surprised at how easy the recipe really is! I used this Martha Stewart recipe as my base and added a few touches of my own. This is the perfect recipe to sneak in leftover veggies for kids. My toddler doesn’t usually like eggs, so I called the quiche “cheese pie” and she was all in. The first quiche was gone before I could take a pic. Luckily, I made two!

Mama Tip:

    • Include the type of cheese you enjoy (I used sharp cheddar and caramelized onion cheddar, which added a hint of sweet which we loved).
    • Sneak in any veggies you wish (I used mushrooms, onions and garlic).
    • Soft texture is perfect for young ones too (my 11 month old loved it).
    • Make it a quick dinner and pick up a frozen pie crust pre-made.
    • If you are making two pies, remember to double the recipe.


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