Kidspace Children’s Museum

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Museums are a parents holy grail, at least they are in my world! Kidspace Children’s Museum, in Pasadena, CA, totally lives up to the hype. This museum is all about hands on experiences with exhibits like the Greenhouse, where the girls could dig, plant and sort seeds. They also loved experimenting with the innovative exhibits in the Physics Forest, like the Ball Bounce and Giant Lever. Mama to mama, this place will keep your little ones occupied for hours and encourages imagination and curiosity. Just remember to wear your comfy shoes so you can keep up!

Mama Tip:

  • pack a lunch to enjoy outdoors on the plentiful tables in the courtyard.
  • stop by the playground near the parking to get any last bits of energy out before the car ride home.
  • keep wipes handy, nature is a big theme in this museum so dirty little fingers are expected.

What’s your fave museum for kids? Please share in the comments below. Maybe we will explore yours on our next trip.  xo

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