Nail Stickers for Kids

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We love, love, love nail stickers for kids!  My toddler is the ultimate girly girl. She loves princesses, tiaras, tutus and pink, of course. It’s no surprise that she insists on painting her nails every time I get a manicure. So we were uber excited when we attended a birthday party and these were in her goody bag! My hubby is not the biggest fan of nail polish on his little girl (afraid to let her grow up too fast…such a dad) so nail stickers for kids are the best alternative. Other than a constantly moving 3 year old’s hand, they were beyond easy to apply. The one caveat, I wish the packs came in sizes so there were more stickers for tiny fingers in each pack.

Mama Tip:

  • Engage your little one’s imagination by asking them to tell a story about each sticker or name each animal. It may help keep those little hands from moving too much.
  • Visually size up the stickers to each finger before starting. You don’t want to use up all the super small ones first then get stuck with only the larger ones.

She adored them and couldn’t wait to show them off. I would definitely recommend as a cute, fun activity but don’t expect them to last forever, they are stickers after all.

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