Airport Travel Tips with Baby and Toddler

Image 11-4-15 at 7.31 PM Image 11-4-15 at 7.37 PM Image 11-4-15 at 7.35 PM Traveling with the entire crew can be fun and exhausting. We recently flew across country for a family shoot and picked up a few helpful airport travel tips with baby and toddler. So glad we had a practice trip with the whole family before the holiday travel kicks off. This list should help to make our next trip a lot smoother.

  • Travel light. It’s easier to move with less things, so if you don’t need it (no, she does not need elmo and minnie mouse) don’t bring it!
  • Pack snacks. Seems obvious but on our flight my toddler wanted a snack every 30 minutes and I didn’t want to feed her junk food. We love dried fruit, Annie’s snacks, nuts, granola bars, etc. For the baby, teething biscuits, bananas and organic food pouches were key. This attachable spoon is also a life saver on the go.
  • Pack water for baby. We give her distilled water which can’t be purchased at the airport. You can pack it in small amounts and take it on the plane.
  • Entertainment for your toddler is very important. Our faves include play doe, coloring books, magnetic blocks (we adore them), iPad with movies/tv shows pre downloaded (dare I say it, but on flights all bets off, its necessary for your sanity).
  • Try not to put the kids in the stroller at the airport. Let them expel some energy and use their legs to walk/run. You will be happy when they don’t need to run up and down the aisles during the entire flight.
  • If the plane isn’t full, ask the gate agent if you can bring baby’s car seat on board. It may be useful in case she falls asleep or you need a break from holding her. Mine crawled around on it and looked out the window for about 30 minutes (which seemed like a lifetime in-flight).
  • Safety is important even on the airplane. My hubby has been on flights when the plane dropped dramatically from turbulence. Little ones are lighter and the seat belt across the lap may not always work best. Get this for your toddler. Mine loves it because it reminds her of being in her car seat.
  • Give your toddler her own backpack. It gave her independence and was much easier to access her “stuff”.
  • Find a play space. We enjoyed the one at our workspace before our return flight so it worked out perfectly. It’s great to tire them out prior to flying. If the airport play space is your only option simply keep hand sanitizer close by. Germs can spread quickly and easily when traveling.
  • Let your toddler sit near the window on the airplane. Another obvious tip but that alone kept her mesmerized during take off and landing!
  • Finally, have patience! Traveling with kids can be stressful and overwhelming but not impossible. It’s kind of like labor, it can’t last forever. Let that be your mantra!

Have you traveled with a toddler and a tot? Let me know your experiences in the comments below..

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