Mama on Mama Judgement

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Mama on mama judgement is real. It’s kind of like the pink elephant in the room; no one wants to call it out but it definitely exists.

The other day I was catching up on “Scandal” and it was the episode where Olivia admitted she was the President’s mistress and all hell broke loose in the media. They referred to a term called “dog whistle politics” where the media slams someone and the masses may not recognize it as offensive but the person they are referring to can read between the lines. That is what “mama on mama judgement” basically is. Moms know when another mom is judging them simply by a phrase used. For example, the other day I was out and about with my kids and I was feeding my youngest a Plum organic baby pouch. Mid conversation this mom calmly looked at my Plum pouch and stated how this stage of motherhood is so hard for her in part because she makes all of her own baby food for her child. Then proceeded to tell me that she read so many negative reviews about my daughter’s current lunchbox which is why she chose NOT to purchase one for her daughter and of course, how hers is so much better. I was almost speechless. Little does she know, I make all of my child’s meals at home but the pouches are super easy, organic, healthy options on the go and I LOVE them for that! In addition, my daughter loves her damn lunchbox!  To my husband, he simply heard mama to mama conversation but to me, I heard the “whistle”!

As moms, we are faced with so many hurdles. We may not always get it right but we are all making the best effort we possibly can. The last thing we need is this subculture of judgement from other mothers. We should be each other’s alliance, supporters, fans and teachers. Wouldn’t it be amazing to cut the snideness and uplift each other? One of the few people who can understand the struggle as much as you is a fellow mother.

Therefore: “dog whistling” mom, I say this to you: I’m not perfect, I’m a mom dammit!

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