Pumpkin Carving

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Halloween is finally here!  Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!  Yay, right?!  Um, no!

Pumpkin carving is not my expertise so I was very nervous when my toddler requested to carve pumpkins this year. Last year I dodged the bullet and we decorated them instead. Plenty of paint, markers, glitter etc. was readily available.  This year, I decided to step up my game, venture out of my comfort zone and actually carve out pumpkins.  After a little YouTube research, a little bit of muscle and a lot of patience, we managed to attempt Mickey Mouse and the traditional pumpkin face (three triangles and a mouth).  I am not saying we were super successful but we had a lot of “icky” fun claims the little one (she wasn’t the biggest fan of taking out the seeds) and we got it done!

Mama Tips:

  • download a pre drawn template of the design you want to achieve, we used this one
  • set up on a space that can clean easily
  • have fun, it’s a pumpkin, it will automatically look cool and festive
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