Honest Leopard Baby Carrier

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photos via honest.com

I just learned the other day that the carrier I used with both of my girls was apparently super outdated.  Over the years new improvements have been made to help carry the baby with more support around their hips while also making it more comfortable for us parents. Upon learning this I wanted to cry thinking that perhaps I had been endangering my child’s growth process and how horrible of a mom I am!

Then, almost on cue, Honest invited me + baby to come and model a few of their new 4-in-1 leopard baby carriers and I instantly fell in love. I could tell the difference right away. I felt like my munchkin’s posture in the carrier was immediately straighter, she felt more snug, her legs sat at an angle better designed to help support her hips and I didn’t feel any pressure on my shoulders where I usually would get sore the most.

Mama Tip:  Check to make sure your baby carrier is up to date.  Do the research and try on a few friend’s carriers if possible to see which fits you and baby the best.

I’m so glad I now have a carrier that’s safer and super chic! Win, win!

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