Life with Two Kids

photo 2 photo 3 Okay, so you deserve a little recap of the past several months.  My last post was our babymoon with a toddler.  Oh, the memories, such sweet, relaxing memories.  A few months after that we had our second baby girl!  We waited to find out the sex of the baby so it was quite the surprise to find out it was another girl.  We were super excited that our toddler now had a  baby sister.

Next came the fun part, life with two kids!  To be honest, it started off harder than it is now (hence, why I can finally get back to blogging).  It was crazy feeding every two hours day and night, being sleep deprived, while also tending to our toddler’s needs and wants.  It’s easy to forget to give your older kid attention and focus mainly on the new baby but we tried super duper hard not to do that.  We knew this was a transition for everyone and focused on being very patient and loving towards each other (the hubby included) during the first few months.

The first question everyone asks me is: how is it with two?  The truth is, it’s simply a lot more juggling.  Everything is like a synchronized art.  The days of winging it are long gone, which you can totally get away with having one child.   Now, a schedule has to be in order for the day to go smoothly.  In the beginning, this was impossible because our newest addition hadn’t quite settled into her schedule yet.  She was still up and down very irregularly.  However, now she is 8 months and her schedule is pretty defined, which makes life a whole lot easier.

All that to say, I’m back and happy to be blogging again.  I can’t wait to share all of the cool, funny, helpful and annoying things I have learned so far.

Mamas, do you want tips/suggestions on something in particular?  Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below..

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