Babymoon with a Toddler

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IMG_3927 IMG_3418 IMG_3446 IMG_3461 IMG_3614 IMG_3713 IMG_3765 IMG_3841 IMG_3960 IMG_3887 A babymoon with a toddler turned out to be the best idea ever!  I wasn’t able to take a babymoon with my first born so I was insistent on having one before the second.  The only caveat, we now had a toddler to factor in.  We ventured to Hawaii and stayed at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea.  To be honest, having a toddler in tow was a little daunting at times  (she didn’t take naps and the nighttime struggle was intense) but during the day we had so much fun hanging out and exploring the resort.  Take a look at the photo diary of our trip and check out my top 8 tips for traveling on a babymoon with a toddler.

  1. Make it close:  Try not to travel too far.  You are pregnant after all, so in the event that any issues occur, you don’t want to be too far from your doctor.  Check with them beforehand to make sure it’s safe and to keep them on notice.  It is very unlikely you will need your doctor or midwife and most don’t mind you traveling up until middle or late third trimester but just in case, don’t take the risk.  Plus, who wants to be in a car or plane for long period of times?  I know I didn’t!
  2. Just do it:  Don’t wait too long to decide to take a babymoon.  It’s best to travel in your second trimester when the naseau and other first trimester issues have calmed down and you are not quite feeling as big as a house yet (like you will be in your third trimester).
  3. Keep it moving Mama:  Blood clots can be serious issues in pregnant women so no matter what your form of travel is (car, plane, or train), make sure you get up and move at least every hour.  Try not to cross your legs for any period of time and stretch them out in your seat as well.  When traveling with a toddler, this shouldn’t be a problem since they will be up a lot wanting to move their legs and explore.  Don’t hesitate to join them.
  4. Choose a family friendly resort:  This is so key!  You don’t have to subject yourself to kiddie land by no means but choose a place that is understanding to the needs of kids. The Four Seasons was superb at this!  They were an extremely family-friendly resort and catered to the needs of parents and children.  They supplied several amenities so we didn’t have to overpack: sand toys, swim diapers, water toys, all natural baby wash, tub toys, etc…  Fifteen minutes after we arrived the hotel sent her a delivery of toys and Cheerios to the room.  She was elated and it was a great way to start the trip!
  5. Speak up:  Tell them you are on your babymoon and see what they do.  We mentioned it to the Four Seasons who gave us a room upgrade and also had sparkling cider, glasses and a card with a discount for a prenatal massage waiting for us in our room upon arrival.  Those tiny details help make the trip so much more special.
  6. Kids Club: Many resorts have kids clubs where you can drop off your child, usually 4 or 5 years and older, for a couple of hours while you and your partner have some alone time.  We weren’t able to take full advantage of this because our little lady is only 2 but you can still let them explore the kids club and enjoy the activities as long as a parent is around.
  7. Toddler friendly:  Kid friendly can be one thing but toddler friendly can be something else.  Toddlers tend to have shorter attention spans at meal time and it may be harder for them to play in larger pools with everyone jumping and splashing around.  Make sure your resort has child friendly menus at the resort and table top activities, like crayons or games, are definitely a bonus.  We ate breakfast at the resort buffet every morning and it was heaven!  We could try whatever we want, as much as we wanted and keep everyone happy.  They also supplied crayons, tabletop activities and a children’s buffet, which helped keep the little one occupied while I perused the food options.  In addition, the pool choices were extensive.  We stayed in one pool the whole time but they had several on the property to choose from.  The one we enjoyed the most was, of course, the kiddie pool, partly because it also had a waterfall and small slide.  It was still deep enough for the hubby and I to splash around but not as crowded as the larger pools.  My little one loved it!
  8. Be happy:  Find some place that will make you all happy.  This is a moment for you and the family to have some quality time without all the stresses of home life before you welcome another addition to the world.  Just relax and take it easy.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  I remember my mom used to take my brothers and I to a local hotel and we had so much fun simply because it was something different from just being at home.

Good luck and let me know all about it in the comments below! xo.

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