Announcing Baby Number Two

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Announcing Baby Number Two!  It is official, we are expecting!  Obviously, it is getting harder to hide and I’ve been so excited to shout it from the rooftops!  All of my insta posts have been strategically angled or really well lit but now I can be free again!  We are in our second trimester and due in January.  Everyone’s next question: is it a boy or a girl?  We will wait to find out the sex of the baby until the birth.  We did the same thing with my toddler and it was the best surprise ever because I was undoubtedly convinced she was going to be a he.  What’s funny is that she is the biggest girly girl I have ever met!

I have to admit, I am super duper over the moon excited to have another little person in our family but I am also super duper over the moon terrified!  I am confident that the basics will all come rushing back to me: birth, the diaper changes, breastfeeding, pumping, not showering, etc…  I think I am more terrified of handling two of them.  It took me such a long time to finally snap out of the “new mommy rut” that seems to plague many Mamas.  You know, where you don’t do your hair, put on whatever’s comfy instead of something cute and comfy, shaving becomes a non priority, and you look at your husband cross eyed when he even brings up leaving the house.  I was in the “new mommy rut” for so long and I’m nervous with two kids it will be even harder to snap out of it.  I am nervous that I won’t find a rhythm for another two years again.  I’m nervous because EVERY mama of two or more tells me to hold on because it gets a lot harder!

I express these concerns to my hubby and he calmly reminds me to breathe.  I know this is going to be another huge step for our family.  I know it will come with a lot of sleepless nights. I know I will be tested in more ways than I can imagine.  But overall, I am so incredibly thankful for the blessing to expand my family and help bring a new life into this world.

Mamas, what were some of your fears?  Am I normal?  I would love to know in the comments below.


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