Cast Iron Skillets

IMG_2722 Let’s talk about Cast Iron Skillets: my Iron Ladies.  A few years ago I was working in New York and staying at one of my best friend’s house for the week.  I had just gotten back from a full day of standing in heels for hours, trekking through the city and climbing her five story walk up! Needless to say, I was exhausted and starving!  I open the fridge to grab my leftovers from the night before, put them on a plate then pause for about a minute searching high and low for her microwave…the one she didn’t own!  She witnessed all this, laughed and kindly heated up my food on the stove.  Then we discussed the pros and cons of microwaves and I haven’t used one since.  This was the beginning of my journey in eliminating unnecessary cooking methods for better alternatives.

It took me a while to let go, but last year I finally got rid of all my non-stick/teflon cooking pans. I traded them in for the old school, my grandma’s favorite, cast iron skillets.  My grandma was my original Iron Lady: strong and dependable.  She used cast iron all while I was growing up.  It took having a family of my own to finally catch on to her wisdom.  I also have several stainless steel pots and pans but I rarely use them.  I am super in love with these cast iron skillets and I’ll tell you why:

  • dependable (been around forever) and can last for decades
  • can go from stovetop to oven seamlessly
  • when pre-seasoned well, it is nearly nonstick
  • chemical-free alternative to nonstick/teflon pans
  • increases iron content in your foods, which as women is invaluable since a lot of us don’t get the needed amounts of iron daily
  • distributes heat evenly
  • easier to clean than you think
  • can sear, saute, bake, broil, braise and fry

I purchased the pre-seasoned Lodge Cast Iron Skillets in 6.5 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches, which are pictured above.  These have worked really well for my cooking needs thus far but I will probably get a Dutch Oven to boil and create stews in.  Let me know which are your favorite pans to use in the comments below.


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