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PAR0414TENTH_nodek Let’s have a mama talks moment.  Flipping through the April 2014 issue of Parents magazine, I came across the article “10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids”.  They are everyday phrases that I am sure many of us have said a time or two…okay like 7 out of 10 and it may be a daily thing.  So, let’s discuss: are they so bad?  I don’t feel like I am damaging my child by saying:

  • “Great job…”
  • “You’re okay…”
  • “Be careful…”

These three sayings come out of my mouth constantly with a toddler learning how to navigate this brand new world.  I say “great job” when she has finally done something on her own that she has been trying to do for days or a week like put on her shoes by herself.  I say “you’re okay” when she falls and looks at me with huge eyes wondering if she should cry or shake it off and keep playing.  I say “be careful, sit down” when she sneaks in a jump or two on the couch while I am momentarily distracted.  I don’t think I am impeding my child’s progress in any of these situations. However, I think the article makes several good points regarding each statement.  As with everything else in life, it’s all about moderation.  We can’t over-praise our children because I agree, they may become too dependent on our affirmations.  Nor should we spew out negative comments all the time because it can create an unhealthy self perception in our young people.  But as parents, we are human and we try the best we can to be the best example we can be.  We may falter at times but our objective remains the same.  Check out the full article here and let me know what you think..

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